CyberFeminism and its Story

My experience as a woman in cyber was and is exciting every day. It is definitely full of surprises. From feedback like, “We want you as our keynote speaker,” I always have taken these opportunities positively.

I always say, you do not need to prove anything to anyone. You know your value as a professional with your own credentials. Your achievements will speak by themselves.

I have been mentored and supported by men in the industry, and built a recognized personal brand across the world.

Why should more women get into cyber?

Today, we have 11% of women in the industry. Is that enough? Of course it isn’t. The reasons are various, from a lack of opportunities at a young age to some cultural barriers.

My platform, is helping young ladies with mentoring opportunities, and role models who share their experience and achievements. From my perspective, it is all about changing the perception that cyber security is a man’s job.

How can women become more involved?

We will not change the world over night. These are facts. History is made. We need to implement small steps every day and support each other in these diversity initiatives.

Three main points are very important to be involved as a woman in cyber:

  1. Build your own brand and become an industry recognized professional.
  2. Build your confidence and believe in yourself, even in a room full of men.
  3. Endorse and encourage other women in the room.

These three points are important steps, making a difference and bringing more opportunities for women to evolve in the space.

What motivates you to share your knowledge with others?

I believe everyone is entitled to learn. Knowledge should be shared and free. This is definitely the best way to change the world and make it a better place.

Education should be accessible to people wherever they are and without spending huge budgets creating constraints for the rest of their lives.

We do have some of the best brains in countries where unfortunately the average salary doesn’t exceed $300 per month. I consider that giving equal opportunities to learn to everyone should take that into consideration. This is also the reason for launching I am encouraging equal rights to learn cyber security for women, across the world.

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And CyberFeminism was born !

Women On Cyber was the materialisation of cyberfeminism.

This platform is a platform for all women aspiring to start or evolve in a cybersecurity career, building their credibility and brand in the field. They will be able to create valuable and long-lasting networks. The goal of the platform is giving women from the World, no matter of age, career or any other criteria, apart from passion, the opportunity to learn and make a difference with us in the cyberspace.

The CyberFeminist Revolution is here!

Many are following and helping build a more diversified and equal ecosystem. 

Start today, and make a change with Women On Cyber !