Pierre Noel is the Enterprise Chief Security & Privacy Officer at Huawei, the Fortune 500 Information and Communication Technology Company.
Pierre has over 30 years of international experience on Information Security and Enterprise Risk Management.

He designed and built complete CyberSecurity and Enterprise Risk Management environments for Governments, Finance, Transport and large conglomerate
industries over the World.

  • Pierre is a member of the board of advisors of Airbus Group
  • Pierre also sits on the board of the Pan-Asia Risk & Insurance Management Association (PARIMA) and
  • Board of the executive council of the Cloud Security Association (CSA)

Prior responsibilities:

  • Asia Chief Security Officer, Microsoft
  • Worldwide Executive at IBM with responsibility for the IBM Security portfolio
  • CEO Arial Group International, offering Enterprise Risk Management to Fortune 1000
  • CEO TruSecure / ICSA Corp
  • Client lead partner at KPMG, Greater China territory, in charge of Enterprise Risk Management, Board Advisory, Corporate Risk & Governance.
  • Director PLATINUM Technologies Asia Pacific
  • Advisor to many governments and Fortune 1000 organizations in Asia, Europe and Americas
  • Lecturer and visiting professor with various universities in the World.

I have interviewed Pierre, and below are the answers.

Why do you think more women will be beneficial to the industry ?

Well, for two simple reasons:

From a macro point of view, we have 50% of the humanity being female, it would seem logical to me that women would be equally represented in every business, including cyber security. I personally resent that whatever reason would end up in having less women in an industry than normal.

From a micro point of view, cybersecurity is a cat-and-mouse game, where intellectual agility and perseverance are primordial. I immensely value women working with me, for they often bring a different perspective, a different approach to addressing situations. I believe we can easily demonstrate that a team made of an equal amount of men and women is more effective, more performant in cybersecurity than any alternative.

Would you hire women in cyber security in your team , and if so, in which area and why ?

Yes, absolutely, this goes without saying. At every role: managerial, consultant, analyst, internal audit – they have the potential to excel at what they do, of course! I must add that some of the best managers and mentors I worked with in my career are women.