After a few great years with Women On Cyber initiative in Singapore, I have decided to join forces with amazing women in cyber and the founder of Women On Cyber (Women of Security).

Building a new perspective and international support for women in cybersecurity was a key decision in joining forces and making the current association work. With the Singapore Chapter, we will aim to expand our support and make sure that the message of diversity gets across in Singapore, primarily and all-over the World secondary.

Building Women On Cyber current presence in Singapore was a successful initiative and brought various successful results, including regular events with women in cybersecurity, motivational workshops, and practical shared bits of advice over a WhatsApp closed group.

I have decided to join Women On Cyber and its fabulous group of women in cyber and technology to focus on further impact and expansion, as well cross-border support of what I call, cyberfeminism.


WOSEC is a community for women and girls, to meet, support and bond with each other, and make awesome new friends!

During the last couple of years, I have been actively following the developments of Women On Cyber and especially of Tanya’ achievements – The brilliant awareness brought to the community became a crucial decision for me to accept her invitation to incorporate a local chapter of Women On Cyber and join forces to share one message and increase the gender gap in our industry.

Like Tanya mentioned – We “brunch like badasses”, “Crash boy meetups”, give each other tech workshops, and support each other however we can.

The online presence of Tanya and her support for diversity is how I got to know Women On Cyber a lot better. You might see the main Twitter account here.

All the reasons why I am super excited to share this news with you today and our super exciting new plans!

In my role as a Chapter leader, I will pursue the objectives of WOSEC to support, promote and grow other women in security and other women that want to come along for the ride (for instance, programmers who want to show up are welcome).

Community involvement

I welcome all ladies in cybersecurity and the ones who want to join additionally to get in touch with me and share the below:

  • Regular Events for networking
  • Online Twitter account and website
  • A WhatsApp group for regular updates (We do not spam)
  • Workshops about specific topics, encouraging diversity and women empowerment (Sponsored by companies, and sales neither marketing are allowed)
  • Vendor independent, physical – we do it all, which makes us unique

I think there are many reasons why you should at least have a look at our website and our social media accounts and see what we have to offer.

To underline the above statement, I would encourage you to listen to my videos and podcasts about women in cyber, diversity and women empowerment – just Google me ? )!

Do not hesitate to contact me

I would be more than happy to discuss with all the motivated women in cyber our vision, roadmap and how we can support your self-confidence, empowerment, career development, whatever makes your life better and happier as a woman in cyber or a future one.

In April, we ran a workshop dinner with an amazing guest ….  just keep tuned … ;p

In conclusion, I’m very much looking forward to hearing from you and having many more women in cyber joining our Chapter in Singapore.

Thank you for reading, and please, stay tuned…