I have been passionately playing in CTFs for the past couple of weeks on HackTheBox. I must admit, it is one of my favourite platforms. And, during my learning and after attending one of the most popular conferences in Singapore this year, I have decided to launch the First CTF For Girls in Singapore. During this process, I have learned a lot and I have discovered as well that there are amazing talented women around, however almost none have been invited to hackathons or CTF events, as mostly have been male dominated sessions. Thus, we NEED a CHANGE and we NEED it NOW.
And the change is – providing organizations around the world, with a #noexcuses hashtag when it comes to finding technical super smart and skilled women for their teams.

I believe one of the main benefits of showcasing those available talents through a great event like a CTF For Girls is allowing organizations in the future to bring diversity into their teams. They will observe how many women and girls are talented, are amazing professionals, bringing a different angle and vibe to the whole industry.

When I started CTFs, I was really finding it slightly scary to be honest, at first. Then, when I found a very positive supportive hacking community, I’ve been more and more motivated.
This event will be for all of you – girls and women – cyber security professionals, who want to have a fun, enjoyable, intellectually stimulating day through a CTF For Girls.

Again, we have seen events where girls or women have been put aside, with one excuse – we did not find them ! This will be the past now. With our FIRST CTF For Girls event in Singapore, we will provide the opportunity for girls and women to showcase their skills, to have a real enjoyable day catching the flag and to enjoy a pleasant supportive atmosphere, where we encourage and celebrate each other successes.
We have great prices and a lot of amazing gifts for everyone.

The CTF winners will be spoiled with amazing gifts from our sponsors:

  • 1st Winner: 3 Month Pro Lab Ticket (Offshore or RastaLabs, winner’s choice) (250GBP Value), 1 BSides Singapore Entry Ticket, Jacq Leigh Laptop Bag, One-Hour Coaching Session with Responsible Cyber
  • 2nd Winner: 2 Month Pro Lab Ticket (Offshore or RastaLabs, winner’s choice) (170GBP Value), 1 BSides Singapore Entry Ticket, One-Hour Coaching Session with Responsible Cyber
  • 3rd Winner: 1 Year VIP (100GBP Value), 1 BSides Singapore Entry Ticket


Supported by Women On Cyber, featured Women On Cyber, Responsible Cyber, Secucial, ICE71, CyLon, BSides Singapore, WWC Singapore, Jacq Leigh, and HackTheBox.