1. First of all – could you provide a short overview of yourself and your profile?

I graduated from NTU’s computer science and started out as a programmer, before making the transition last year into the cyber security industry as a penetration tester.


  1. Why the interest in cybersecurity?

For the most part of my studies and in my early career, the focus had always been on building functional applications effectively. When I first got introduced to the security side of things it opened up many interesting perspectives regarding software and applications which I hadn’t thought about before. I got hooked on it and wanted to delve deeper and learn more in this area.


  1. Why did you decide yourself for a career in this field?

I love the learning and exploration bits that come with the job. You get to expose to and interact with different technology every day, and you will never run out of cool and exciting things to play with (hack). I’m having fun day to day and it’s great to do this for a living.


  1. What have been your most amazing achievements up to date ?

Completing OSCP. I was on it for four to five months, trying to get myself up to speed with the technical skills needed for the job. It was an intense and ultimately rewarding journey. It also set up a great momentum to kick start my career as a penetration tester in the cybersecurity field.


  1. What do you want still to achieve in the space ?

To learn as many things as much as possible, as there are many areas of penetration testing, such as network, web, mobile, cloud just to list a few.


  1. What are you main skills in the space, and can you tell us some good recommendations on the same ?

Vulnerability assessment, looking for flaws and exploiting them. OSCP is definitely a good course to start with, it trains the mindset you need to have alongside with the basic skills to get you started.


  1. How do you see yourself evolving in the industry?

Learning as new technology emerges and keeping up with trends. For instance, getting to know more about containers or serverless applications as these start to gain popularity.


  1. What support would you like to receive?

Many great courses and training are conducted at security conferences like Black Hat, and they can get quite costly, also if the travel expenses have to be factored in. It will be a great encourage if financial support is available for these endeavors.


  1. Cybersecurity is seen as a male dominated industry, have you experienced challenges within your environment?

Thankfully no, I’m lucky that my co-workers and environments I have been in are all great and supportive. There was only once of such instance when I was at an interview for a penetration testing position and the manger kept mentioning things like, “females are usually in compliance”, which made me feel uneasy.


  1. What do you think about the First CTF For Girls in Singapore and why do you want to participate?

It’s a great initiative, and it’s about time we increase the visibility of females in the industry. More importantly, provide a comfortable space, making the prospects and opportunities more accessible to women in the field and those who like to get started.

  • Name: Christina
  • Surname: Oh
  • Role: Penetration Testing Consultant
  • Age: 31
  • Organization: Vantage Point Security