Women On Cyber has announced that CTF (Capture The Flag), a cybersecurity competition is all set to be held on September 12th, 2020 in Singapore. It will be a part of the cyber women series. It gives a great opportunity for girls and women to learn new skills and even prove their hacking expertise.

SINGAPORE – September 4th, 2020 – Women On Cyber in association with Cyber Security agency of Singapore has announced that they will be having an online one day long all-woman cybersecurity competition which will be held in Singapore. This competition is going to be held on September 12th, 2020 at 10 A.M. and is called Capture The Flag (CTF).

Women On Cyber believes in creating variety and diversity. This one-day online cybersecurity hacking competition is sure to help girls and women emerge at the forefront. They will not only learn some of the best skills from cybersecurity professionals but at the same time, it will also inspire the younger team to explore the best of skills from different role models as well.

This hacking competition is a great platform to help women come to the forefront and show the best of skills that they have in the cyberspace. It also helps organizations to bring the best diversity to their team and allow them to tap most of the available talent.

One of the key spokesmen of the company was quoted as saying, “We want to bring forth the women clan to the forefront and let the world see the kind of prowess they have in the cybersecurity space. Along with being a top platform to showcase top-notch talent, we also want to help them in honing their skills to the fullest as well.”

This competition that is designed exclusively for girls wants to motivate and encourage them to put their best foot forward in this industry vertical as well. It will give them the chance to interact and discuss things with like-minded professionals and will inculcate the much-needed diversity as well.

This will also help in improving natural cyber readiness in an apt manner. Interested participants should come forward to register as this event is 24-hour online competition. For more information and registration, visit https://buff.ly/32SKj4b

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WOSEC Singapore is holding this one day online event called Capture The Flag; CTF. It is exclusively for girls and women. It aims at helping women get the right platform to explore the realms of the cybersecurity space.

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