This year’s CTF (Capture-The-Flag) for Girls, a one-day cybersecurity hacking competition, is nearly here, and Magda Chelly, founder of Women On Cyber (Women of Security) Singapore Chapter, couldn’t be more excited for what is in store for the contestants.

This year’s event is hosted within the same month as International Women in Cyber Day. It includes a series of virtual events and exciting activities, including technical workshops, career sharing sessions, and the 2nd edition of the CTF competition.

Cybersecurity has taken a more prominent role post COVID19, and more women and girls are needed to help solve the challenges business are facing resulting from the increased reliance on remote working environments and networks.

Additionally, research has proven that teams produce more and increase their effectiveness when there is gender diversity as compared to homogenous teams, yet, women fill only 11% of roles in cybersecurity.

What would help to make a female security professional ready to contribute in a male-dominated industry? You have got to be skillful! Many of the required skills can be achieved through participation in CTF competitions. CTF is simply a game with multiple challenges linked together for you to solve by grabbing flags to gain points. To successfully discover a vulnerability or misconfiguration in an application would allow you to find a flag stored in the file on the victims computer. CTF helps sharpen your skills, depending on how often it is being practiced. Below are some reasons why no is the important time for all females security professions in Singapore to try a CTF competition.

  • For leadership roles
    A different set of skills, services, and responsibilities are required in IT management and cybersecurity. Aa a leader, you must be able to lead computer-related ideas in an organization to help meet organizational needs or goals. You must be able to head security systems and teams and ensure there are no loopholes or vulnerabilities for cybercriminals to permeate your organization’s information system. Trying out a CTF competition becomes a platform for you to gain all the skills to help you climb the professional ladder. It is about time female security professionals play leadership roles rather than being merely a team player.
  • Innovation
    Joining a CTF competition by solving a variety of tasks can open doors to discoveries and new techniques. Image pushing your newly discovered knowledge to updating old systems or creating a new technology to aid in meeting organizational needs. CTF challenges you to go beyond your limits. You either learn something new or discover something new by solving a task.
  • Networking
    Most security professions are dominated by males. This means that female security professionals need to stand for each other. Through CTF competitions, women in this field can be brought together to form strong teams. These teams are more capable of coming up with ideas and ways to bridge the gap between male and female security professionals in Singapore. Women in security professions who participate in CTF competitions feel empowered to break barriers and stereotypes and become an inspiration to young women who want to venture into professions in cybersecurity.


Join us on September 12th to the 13th for the SG Cyber Women X Capture-The-Flag Competition.  We are bringing together over 200 members in Singapore as part of the Women On Cyber community of women to continue the tradition of growing the cybersecurity practice for women in Singapore. This year we are going virtual, hope you will answer the call.

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About Women On Cyber

WOSEC Singapore is holding this one day online event called Capture The Flag; CTF. It is exclusively for girls and women. It aims at helping women get the right platform to explore the realms of the cybersecurity space.

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