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Women On Cyber Singapore Scholarship


Every year, Women On Cyber Singapore awards a range of scholarships to female professionals pursuing or planning to pursue a career in cybersecurity or information security. These scholarships – mostly professional cybersecurity certifications and courses – help bridge the cybersecurity workforce skills gap in Singapore and increase diversity within the field. It is achieved by providing potential female information security professionals support and resources, helping them prepare for a fulfilling career in this critical sector. The idea started in 2020 and continued with awarding two female professionals with a course and a certification exam attempt for the Offensive Security Certified Professional [...]

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Top 20 Women in Cybersecurity Singapore 2020


Promoting Women in Cyber Wow! Amazing 20 role models were celebrated on Thursday 13th of August 2020! We have had the TOP 20 Women in Cyber Security Singapore, across various industries and companies. Award Ceremony The Women in Security & Resilience Alliance (WISECRA), which engages a growing network of women in security and resilience associations and groups globally, in partnership with Responsible Cyber, a Singaporean start-up building the next generation cloud-based all-in-one cybersecurity [...]

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Women On Cyber Singapore Updates On COVID-19


Due to the increasing spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the World, we have decided to cancel all events until further notice in responsibility for the health of our employees, customers, members and partners. The health and safety of our people is our top priority. We will share more information and updates on regular basis, on our social media. For updates on COVID-19, please refer to the official Singapore Ministry of Health website: https://www.moh.gov.sg/covid-19 We advise members of the public to not speculate and/or spread unfounded rumours, and to be careful sharing and believing #fakenews shared on the Internet. [...]

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Interview Magda Chelly and Christina Oh, OSCP


First of all – could you provide a short overview of yourself and your profile? I graduated from NTU’s computer science and started out as a programmer, before making the transition last year into the cyber security industry as a penetration tester.   Why the interest in cybersecurity? For the most part of my studies and in my early career, the focus had always been on building functional applications effectively. When I first got introduced to the security side of things it opened up many interesting perspectives regarding software and applications which I hadn’t thought about before. I got hooked on [...]

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Interview Magda Chelly and Neha Malhotra, CISSP, PMP


First of all – could you provide a short overview of yourself and your profile? I am an active technology professional with an inclination towards spirituality and I love spending my free time on sports and travel. I hail from north India (yes near the Himalayan range J ), and have worked in Malaysia and various cities in India before moving to Singapore 7 years back. So far I have worked across varied industries including BFSI, consulting, manufacturing, credit rating and product development. I love interacting with people; & managing programs and projects, defining strategies, setting & achieving milestones, resolving challenging [...]

Interview Magda Chelly and Neha Malhotra, CISSP, PMP2020-09-06T06:53:59+00:00

Interview Magda Chelly and Reuben Sinclair


Q1. First of all – could you provide a short overview of Microfocus and the work and the objectives of the company? Which services and products do you provide and what are the target groups? Microfocus is a British software engineering company with four main portfolios, Security, Risk & Governance, Enterprise Dev Ops, Hybrid IT Management and Predictive Analytics. So focusing on the security portfolio - we help our customers with Breach Defence and Privacy. Our solutions cover all phases of the NIST Cyber Security framework at depth but at a high level we help in three main areas. Applications – we [...]

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The First CTF For Girls in Singapore


I have been passionately playing in CTFs for the past couple of weeks on HackTheBox. I must admit, it is one of my favourite platforms. And, during my learning and after attending one of the most popular conferences in Singapore this year, I have decided to launch the First CTF For Girls in Singapore. During this process, I have learned a lot and I have discovered as well that there are amazing talented women around, however almost none have been invited to hackathons or CTF events, as mostly have been male dominated sessions. Thus, we NEED a CHANGE and we NEED [...]

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A new chapter! Excited to announce that we will be joining Women On Cyber (Women of Security) !


After a few great years with Women On Cyber initiative in Singapore, I have decided to join forces with amazing women in cyber and the founder of Women On Cyber (Women of Security). Building a new perspective and international support for women in cybersecurity was a key decision in joining forces and making the current association work. With the Singapore Chapter, we will aim to expand our support and make sure that the message of diversity gets across in Singapore, primarily and all-over the World secondary. Building Women On Cyber current presence in Singapore was a successful initiative and brought various [...]

A new chapter! Excited to announce that we will be joining Women On Cyber (Women of Security) !2019-04-28T04:19:48+00:00



PHOTOGRAPHED BY ERIC CASSINI, PROFESSIONAL PhotographeR FROM Paris TO Los-Angeles According to my CV, I have 12 years of professional experience. I turn 36 this year. It's bizarre because part of me still feels like a student as I am continuously learning and part of me feels like 350 because of all the unbelievable experiences I’ve been through, but my actual age is 35, and I have just progressed from a Regional ISO Lead Implementer to a Regional Information Security Officer. I've heard people say that your age defines your career and you should be so and so to [...]

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Pierre Noel, Advisor at Grab


Pierre Noel is the Enterprise Chief Security & Privacy Officer at Huawei, the Fortune 500 Information and Communication Technology Company. Pierre has over 30 years of international experience on Information Security and Enterprise Risk Management. He designed and built complete CyberSecurity and Enterprise Risk Management environments for Governments, Finance, Transport and large conglomerate industries over the World. Pierre is a member of the board of advisors of Airbus Group Pierre also sits on the board of the Pan-Asia Risk & Insurance Management Association (PARIMA) and Board of the executive council of the Cloud Security Association (CSA) Prior responsibilities: Asia Chief Security Officer, [...]

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