Top 20 Women in Cybersecurity Singapore 2020


Promoting Women in Cyber Wow! Amazing 20 role models were celebrated on Thursday 13th of August 2020! We have had the TOP 20 Women in Cyber Security Singapore, across various industries and companies. Award Ceremony The Women in Security & Resilience Alliance (WISECRA), which engages a growing network of women in security and resilience associations and groups globally, in partnership with Responsible Cyber, a Singaporean start-up building the next generation cloud-based all-in-one cybersecurity [...]

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The First CTF For Girls in Singapore


I have been passionately playing in CTFs for the past couple of weeks on HackTheBox. I must admit, it is one of my favourite platforms. And, during my learning and after attending one of the most popular conferences in Singapore this year, I have decided to launch the First CTF For Girls in Singapore. During this process, I have learned a lot and I have discovered as well that there are amazing talented women around, however almost none have been invited to hackathons or CTF events, as mostly have been male dominated sessions. Thus, we NEED a CHANGE and we NEED [...]

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