PHOTOGRAPHED BY ERIC CASSINI, PROFESSIONAL PhotographeR FROM Paris TO Los-Angeles According to my CV, I have 12 years of professional experience. I turn 36 this year. It's bizarre because part of me still feels like a student as I am continuously learning and part of me feels like 350 because of all the unbelievable experiences I’ve been through, but my actual age is 35, and I have just progressed from a Regional ISO Lead Implementer to a Regional Information Security Officer. I've heard people say that your age defines your career and you should be so and so to [...]

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Our story with CyberFeminism: What now is a trend !


Magda followed the "traditional path". She went to an engineering school, continued with her Master degree, and then a PhD in telecommunication engineering. After graduation, she got a corporate job. This was back in 2007. She thought, is it all? Days were similar and nothing much was changing. However, she was passionate about one main area: cyber security. Let’s admit it, it was what we call script kidding at that time. She played around, trying to force email services, and of course played the game and won the challenge. Magda wondered about her corporate life and how it looked like. As a consultant, [...]

Our story with CyberFeminism: What now is a trend !2019-01-12T16:44:34+00:00
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